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Accelerate your spiritual advancement with over 50 Attunement classes for Your personal and spiritual growth and transformation! Hawaiian, Tibetan, Egyptian, Angelic, Taoist and other Spiritual accelerating classes are available from Keith Darwin Rector a certified SUN teacher.


Do you want faster, stronger spiritual advancement with meditation, healing, purification and energy work? You have found the most effective classes for versatile spiritually advancing attunements and energies. You can even take these classes in your own home! You can increase the depth of meditation and cut years off the time to enlightenment with these SUN classes!


Spiritual Unfoldment Network Classes The Most important information on this page is the Spiritual advancing classes in your home with attunements! These accelerate your spiritual evolution by bringing in subtle energies more quickly and effectively. These classes help you find enlightenment more quickly, give you healing abilities and bring in blissful energies for meditation, healing, purification and pleasure. Keith teaches over 50 classes plus Reiki.


The Jack of All Subtle Energies This is my E-mail book. This book will help you decide which spiritual paths are available and right for you. This book describes the attunements and spiritual energies to help you on your spiritual evolution.

Free Information about healing, meditation, subtle energies and spiritual advancement. There are powerful spiritual systems that can help you reach your goals more effectively and efficiently. These are taught without dogma or personality worship and are in western workshop format. Don't miss this opportunity to learn for free about wonderful worldly systems.

Mystic Lovers Class is a new series of five class for those who want to spiritually advance with attunements along the Taoist and Tantric line. There are meditation and healing attunements and work great with Mantak Chia teaching!

Contact Darwin about taking these classes in your home or options to travel to where you are for groups. I can teach you in your home with the web.

Receive Free energy transmissions each week Sunday at 9:00 Am to 9:15 Am and 9:00 PM to 9/15 PM Just ask your higher self to bring in the SUN energies that are available - Tune In !

See all my videos on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/darwinrector/videos

You can visit the website of Irving Feurst, founder and director of S.U.N. at www.spiritunfold.com

What are your spiritual needs? There are over 45 different classes to help! Ask which on is right for you. Spiritual Coaching and guidance private sessions too!

Meditation improvement - Take Drisana Class, most versatile! Also Powerful healing energies for your clients, great for massage practitioners and nurses.

Healing and purification of child issues - Take Huna classes with subconscious cleansing. Works with harmonizing the three selves, higher, middle and lower for more happiness in life.

Unity with the Creator - Meditation attunement - Try Essene Dove . Gland health and Taoist enhancement of Loving - Miraculous Vessels meditation and attunements deepen other practices such as Taoist cultivation practices.

Keith Darwin Rector works with over 1000 different attunements from all over the world. Authoring, Lecturing and teaching on subtle energies and their applications in the modern world. Take a Spiritual Unfoldment Network class and enjoy life!

See all my videos on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/darwinrector/videos

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