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Mystic Lover class from Keith Darwin Rector



The Mystic Lovers Class has five levels and can be taken as a couple or by yourself to help spiritual advancement and deepen lovemaking. First level is $100 for one student or $140 for couple. This class is available distant in your home with telephone or Internet email manual. Contact darwin@cruzio.com


Do you want to connect more deeply with your lover? Do you want to energize with the techniques taught in the Tantric and Taoist systems? You want to blend your soul with your lover deeper than ever before? Connect to their higher self and blend with their energy and be in bliss don't you? You can harness your sexual energy for good and not be dragged around by your subconscious desires. Bring your frequency up with attunements and change your sexual energy into spiritual energy with the alchemial sectets of the ages!

This class is taught distant and can be taken in one evening. The class is mainly about the attunements and is not a guide for lovers or a how to book. You will find the price of $100 is not much more than a good night out on the town and well worth it to improve relationships now and the rest of your life. This class is being taught by Keith Darwin Rector and is not a SUN class but uses similar technology of attunements. This class is to help those wanting a deeper connection to their own self, their lover and a deeper connection to their creator, reaching to the cosmic plane.

Description of the Mystic Lovers Class Attunements:

This is a list of attunements included in the first level class, (there are five levels of this class, each expanding on the previous one with higher level of attunements with new ones with each higher level).

A. The Physical Body

1. Physical aspects - Armor Releasing Activatable (Run to Completion) Armoring of the body is from traumatic experiences that we repeatedly react to. Wilheim Reich realized that the armoring in the body was from repressing emotions and reactions that block energy in the main energy channels. This is within seven energy "bands" in the body and that deep tissue massage and breathwork can release it over time. Armor releasing is done over time with an energy that can be run or activated. This attunement allows us to work on that without the painful bodywork or it can be combined with the bodyworkand breathwork.

2. Open Nadi Channels Autonomous Nadis are the subtle energy plumbing of the body (not meridians but seperate).There is taught that there are five strands in the main nadis in the body. There is also one down the front of the body that returns the energy down the front when the tongue is put to the roof of the mouth. We work with opening up the strands in the Nadis to flow more energy for healing and spiritual advancement.

3. Open and Balance the Chakra centers. Activatable The chakra energy centers are enhanced and will hold more energy when the sexual energy is circulated in the Microcosmic orbit or other exercises. We tend as a society to have less energy or activity in the lower two or three chakras and need to ground ourselves more and balance this energy.

B. The Mind

4. Awaken the Pineal gland - Autonomous The Pineal Gland is the tuning center of the mind and is associated with communication with the guardian Angel and that of other Angels like a vast Internet. This attunement opens the Pineal gland to allow more energy to flow from the higher self to you and from you to the higher self. This makes more of a connection to the lovers higher self and make the blend of energies easier during lovemaking.

5. Awaken to the higher self -Meditation This is a meditation to connect with the higher self and allow energy and information to come to you from your higher self. This can enhance the relationship with your higher self and when we intertwine with another lover exchanging energy and bond at a higher level through the soul. This is the true meaning of soul mate, that of deeply sharing love and energy between each other on a soul level.

6. Awaken to Divinity Autonomous With finding connections to the higher self and our lover the next level is to recognize the divinity in the other person as well as ourselves. The creator is in everything and often that is hard to see beyond the physical body and personality. This attunement brings that to the surface so that we can realize it fully and worship our lover as truly divine. Over time there may be the experience of understanding that the creator is in everything, and we can love more fully.

C. Spirit

7. Tantric Shakti - Activatable This attunement works with other Shaktis and is like an operator switch panel to connect the past, present and future attunements that you receive and coordinate their operation and help them all work in unison for spiritual aspects.

8. Personality Soul Fusion - Activatable The key to western mystery schools was to blend the personality with the soul and merge the two. This can be done before and after Tantric or Taoist embrace to connect more deeply to the self and the lover's soul.

9. Alchemy - Golden Autonomous Use of the Taoist microcosmic orbit is enhanced with the energy in this attunement that allows the stored energy in the Hara or spleen chakra to "cook" and purify the heart, turning over time the heart into gold, the real reason for alchemy.

This class series is designed for the western student and does not reflect deeper Tantric and Taoist traditions, follow those if you desire. This class is about attunements or empowerments that give you access to more energies used internally to cultivate sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Just e-mail me and I will send (by mail or e-mail) the manual and we can set a time to talk and then send out the attunements. There are several main attunements and individualized energy work as well for each Student. The time to send the attunements is about 2 1/2 hours, so that is the time needed to be set aside to receive them. We accept Paypal at darwin@cruzio.com

Check the index page for free information and an ebook by donation "Jack of All Subtle Energies"

There are now 5 levels of this class available, each having higher levels of some attunements and newer ones added to each level. The prices for the levels are $100 ($140 per couple) for level one, $150 ($210 per couple) for level 2. Please allow a one month wait between classes to integrate.

Take the Mystic Lovers class and enjoy life, love and relationships more - Contact darwin@cruzio.com


Healing Network Video Lecture on Taoist and Tantric spiritual practices.

These videos can help you understand the reasons for this class and how it can help you.

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Take the Mystic Lovers class and enjoy life, love and relationships more - Contact darwin@cruzio.com




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